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Mother's Day Trivia
Mother's Day May 13, 2018

  • Mother's Day generates more phone calls than any other day. (Don't forget mom)
  • What mother had the largest family in history? (Come on, trick question. Eve)
  • Who is the oldest recorded mother? Satyablama Medina at age 65! 
  • What is officially the most recorded number of children born to one mother? 69! (Can you imagine remembering all their names? What is the family reunion like?) She needs a hobby.
  • What are the odds of having twins? 1 in 33
  • What day of the week has the most children born? Tuesday
  • What is the most recorded children from a single birth? Bobby McCaughey had septuplets. 4 boys and 3 girls were delivered after 31 weeks pregancy. 
  • How often is a baby born in the world? 4.3 are born each second
  • What was the largest recorded new born? 22 lbs. 8 oz. boy
  • What is the most popular birth day? October 5th
  • What is the average weight gain during pregancy? 30 lbs.